Saturday, September 20, 2014

The End

Even with the grandest intentions sometimes things don't work out the way you want them to. When we returned from Europe it obvious there was divide between the ambition, direction and expectations of the band moving forward. This lead to an irreconcilable argument between the bands' founding members. Without any resolve in sight the right thing to do was to end Test of Time. Some of us will remain friends and others will not. This was not an amiable end to the band but an end none the less.

We are very proud of the 3 EPs, LP, numerous free singles and compilation songs we've produced in a very short time. Even though the band is not continuing on as intended, nothing should take away from the music we created during our time together. This blog and our bandcamp will be maintained as a record of Test of Time 2012-2014, hopefully adding a few more things such as a discography. If you have pictures of the band please send them to so we can put them up here.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this band over the past two years, it has truly meant the world to us! We will never forget some of the great experiences we've had and true friends we've made along the way. Everyone who was part of this band already had another band or has a new band in the works so we'll all be around just in another form.

"We move toward the future, no regrets about yesterday"
-Test of Time