Monday, June 23, 2014


Amongst everything else we have going on these days we also have a new song on a comp. for Atomic Action Records called "Absolutes" that includes some really great bands from our area and we are very humbled to have been asked to be a part of this.
The test presses are approved and hopefully it will be out this summer!
For now you can listen to our song here:

First LP up for preorder

We are very excited to finally have our debut LP up for pre-order. We put everything we have into this one and can't wait till it's released on July 22nd.

For now you can pre-order the record here:

And listen to the first track here:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Converting an idea into reality

I just wanted to take a minute and explain a little more about the "A Place Beyond" EP we just released.

We had always talked about releasing another EP before releasing the LP but we didn't want it to be just the same old "here are a few songs that are going to be on the LP" We wanted to have completely different songs. Before the songs were finished we took a trip to Mexico/Central America.

That trip really opened eyes to what we thought about a place and what was actual reality. The first song on the EP "Perception" is exactly about this realization. Also its nod to the two bands we toured with, Picking Up The Pieces ( and Una Vez Mas ( for showing us that hardcore isn't just a United States thing, that energy and emotion exists worldwide.

But how to go about telling this story is how this EP evolved. We had been taking pictures all throughout the trip and one day it just hit us. Let's use a different picture as part of the packaging for EP. That way people will have an audio and visual experience of exactly what we were feeling. Along with that we wanted to have a way to register who got the photos to see how far around the world our music was actually going.

Originally we just wanted to have a completely clear record with just a photo stuck into the sleeve as the layout. After bringing this idea to Bridge 9 they enhanced the idea by suggesting to screen print the record. Also to have it in different colors as the variant.

There was a plant overrun that actually left us with 50 clear unscreened record which allowed us to do the original idea as a record release version

We are very proud of this EP as it holds a lot of personal significance to us. Just the ability to have this idea and see it all the way through is something that is very dear to us.

If you have great idea don't be afraid of failure. There is always a way to make it happen!

View all the photos from our trip and register your photo at

All the best,
-Test of Time