Saturday, August 16, 2014

Thank You Europe!

We're back from Europe, and a large thank you is in order. This was our first time to Europe as a band, and we were graciously invited into a lot of different scenes with open arms. We got to play in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Belgium, Hungary, Austria and Germany, and each day we were greeted with smiles and warmth. We're just a hardcore band, writing these songs in our basements and bedrooms, and to have people screaming the words back at us while we play half way across the world is something I will never forget. From the moment we were hooked up with Felix and Katrin at Flix Booking, I knew this would be something special. Everyone that booked us, all the bands we played with, and every friend we made on this tour has shaped us as individuals and altered, for the better, the course of this band. We can't wait to come back and spend more time with everyone. Touring is some of the only time I feel like I fit with the world and it is an incredible feeling. Moving from city to city and being introduced to like-minded people is something I can't get over. We grew up speaking different languages, but when the music starts, we all understand what is happening. Test of Time can't say thank you enough to all of you; to Katrin, to Felix, to Eva, Bojan, Iggy, Bobby and everyone else. While your name may not be expressly written here, the same thanks goes to everyone who stood in the room while we played, stage-dove during our set, or just gave us a smile and a nod. We appreciate it; all of it. We were lucky enough to share the stage with bands like Conqueror, Bent Life, Gone to Waste, Light it Up, and so many more. We appreciate your time and your attention. There is a lot more to come from Test of Time and we can't wait to share it with everyone.